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Slyib's Joke Vault

Category: Farmer Jokes

The Marriage Test

On a trip to the country, a young city dweller falls in love with the farmer's daughter. One morning, he visits the farmer to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. "Sir," says the man, "I love your daughter very much and I would like to ask for her hand in marriage."

The farmer looks at him a moment and says, "If you complete a test, I'll agree to let you marry my daughter. First you must jump the fence, swim across the river and screw the cow in the barn."

The young man thinks this an odd request, but as he is very much in love with the farmer's daughter, he agrees. An hour and a half later he tells the farmer, "Sir, I've completed the test. Now can I marry your daughter?"

The farmer can't believe that the man has actually done everything, so he decides to have some fun. He tells the man that he has to do it one more time to prove his good faith. The young man agrees, so more slowly this time he hops the fence, swims across the river, and makes passionate love to the cow.

Two hours pass by, and the man again asks the father for his daughter's hand in marriage. The farmer is similing broadly now, for he thinks he really has a live one on the hook. So he tells the young man that he must repeat the test one last time. And if he is successful, he will have the farmer's blessing. Off goes the young man to prove his mettle one last time.

It's now late afternoon, and the young man again visits the famer. "Holy cow, you young stud, you sure have proved yourself. You have my complete and total blessing to wed my daughter."

The young man replies, "To hell with your daughter! How much do you want for that cow?"

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