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Slyib's Joke Vault

Farmer Jokes

We all owe a huge debt to farmers. Who else would take out a second mortgage on their home to buy the latest in mechanical combines, plows, tractors, irrigation systems, and the like? And then get up at the crack of dawn to milk the cows, feed the hogs, muck the stalls, then go out and start a full days work in order to pay for it all? Wow. Just talking about makes me exhausted.

Known as clever, shrewd, and suspicious of strangers in general, and traveling salesmen in particular, the farmer is the subject of many a joke. But as he often has the last laugh, I think it's a fitting tribute that farmers and their farms get a category of jokes all their own. Enjoy!

- Slyib
  1. The Marriage Test

  2. The Government Man

  3. The Price of Toilet Paper

  4. Horse Sense

  5. Circle Flies

  6. The Farmer Takes A Wife

  7. Some Things You Can't Explain

  8. The Lawsuit

  9. The Old Mule

  10. Pull, Buddy, Pull!

  11. Who's the Jackass, Now?

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