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Slyib's Joke Vault

Category: Animal Jokes

The Accident

A police officer came upon a terrible car accident in which the driver and passenger had been badly injured. As he studied the wreckage, a dog came out of the bushes and walked around the crashed car. The officer looked down at the dog and said: "I sure wish you could talk."

The dog looked up at the officer and shook his head up and down.

"You can understand what I'm saying?" asked the surprised officer.

Again, the dog shook his head up and down.

"Well, did you see the accident?"

"Yes," motioned the dog.

"What happened?"

The dog pantomimed having a can of beer in his paws and raising it to his mouth.

"They were drinking?" asked the officer.

"Yes," nodded the dog.

"What else?"

The dog put his paw to his mouth, pretended to inhale, then walked in a circle as if dizzy.

"They were smoking marijuana?"

"Yes," motioned the dog.

"Now wait,"continued the officer. "You're saying that your owners were drinking beer and smoking pot before they had the accident?"

"Yes," nodded the dog.

"That explains it! By the way, what were you doing when all of this was going on?"

"Driving," motioned the dog.

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