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Slyib's Joke Vault

Category: Animal Jokes

Bear Repellant

In the Alaskan National Forest, the trail guide was addressing a group of city slickers about the dangers of hiking in grizzly bear country.

He warned his charges: "Most grizzly encounters occur when hikers are too quiet along the trails. The hikers actually surprise the bears, with disastrous results. To help avoid unwanted human contact with bears, we recommend that all hikers use bear repellant."

One of the tourists asked: "What on earth is bear repellant?"

The guide replied: "First, we suggest that all hikers should wear tiny bells on their shoelaces to warn any bears in the area of their presence.

"Next, we recommend that every hiker equip themselves with pepper spray to further deter any bear from getting too close.

"Last but not least, use extra caution when you spot signs of grizzlies in the area, particularly when you find bear droppings."

One tourist asked: "How do I identify Grizzly droppings?"

"Easy," explained the guide, "They're the ones with tiny bells in them, and they smell like pepper!"

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