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Slyib's Joke Vault

Category: Animal Jokes

The Bear and the Rabbit

A bear and a rabbit are running through the forest. The bear is gaining on the rabbit, while the rabbit is running for its life. The bear is only a few strides from catching the rabbit when they are stopped by a magical genie.

The genie speaks to the two, saying "You two are lucky, as today you each get three wishes."

So the bear and the rabbit decide to stop fighting for a moment and decide on their wishes.

The bear, being a male without a mate, wishes that all the bears in the forest are female.

"Done!" says the genie, and grants the wish.

The rabbit's first wish is that he could have a helmet. The genie and the bear laugh, but this wish, too, is granted and the rabbit receives his helmet.

The bear takes his second wish in stride, wishing that all the bears in the whole continent are females.

"Done!" says the genie. And with that, the bear is the only male in a forest full of female bears.

The rabbit wishes for a motorcycle. Poof! A shiny, rabbit-sized Harley chopper appears, complete with a full tank of gas.

The bear uses his last wish, asking that all the bears in the whole world be female. The genie grants this wish, making the bear very happy.

The rabbit puts on his helmet, hops on his motorcycle, revs it up and says, "I wish the bear was gay." With that, he speeds off, as the genie grants this last wish.

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