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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of books does Magic World Publishers produce?
Magic World produces fine quality electronic books (ebooks) on topics aimed at magicians, mentalists, and psychic entertainers of all skill levels and abilities. The Magic World ebook product line ranges from brand-new content, published for the first time, to reprints of classic titles, available to new generations of performers.

2. What sets Magic World ebooks apart from those of other publishers?
Two things come to mind: quality and value. Magic World ebooks are painstakingly crafted, very much similar to how the "old world" publishing process works. The vast majority of our titles are not a simple "warts-and-all" document scan, but a ground-up restoration that includes new digital typesetting, grammar and spelling corrections, digital restoration of existing artwork, oftentimes the addition of new illustrations to supplement the text, and the addition of bonus features such as updated information, additional routines, or other enhanced content. Lastly, the final product is sold at a price point that is very competitive, often many times less than the price of a dog-eared original copy on the collector market.

3. Do you have a print catalog?
You may obtain a personal catalog by visiting our list of available titles and printing it to your personal printer. Or better yet, simply bookmark our web page at to always know what books are in our online catalog.

4. Who is What does it stand for?
A. is one of the true pioneers of the Internet, online since 1996. It is the web presence for The Blame Productions, an entertainment marketing and promotion site, now focusing exclusively on digital content for entertainers. Magic World joined forces with Blamepro in 1996.

5. I really like your product catalog! Do you have a "brick and mortar" store where I can buy these titles locally?
Thanks for viewing our catalog! We closed our Magic World retail store, in order to devote more of an effort to producing quality ebook titles. Now, with the increasing ease of e-commerce shopping and digital content delivery, we have decided to make our books available through

6. I noticed another online reseller offering Magic World titles. Is this legit?
We sell our products exclusively through If you see another site selling our copyrighted content, please let us know.

7. I have an awesome idea for a new book! Are you interested?
At this time we're not accepting new book submissions from outside of our existing author pool. We are only able to produce so many books in the amount of time we have and are currently working at full capacity.

8. I've always been a print book kind of guy. What are some advantages of an ebook?
A major advantage is the number of ebooks that can fit onto your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Imagine if you tried to take your entire physical book collection on a trip with you. You'd be paying a lot of money in excess baggage fees! With ebooks, you can fit thousands of titles on a single thumb drive or USB stick! Another huge plus for ebooks is that your computer can search the contents of your digital ebook collection in the blink of an eye. With a print book, you'd have to go through every book, page by page, and hope you can find what you're looking for. Ebooks are also great for persons with disabilities, as the digital content can be converted to audio, or the text enlarged, using available technology.

9. Do I need special software to enjoy reading an ebook?
The nice folks at Adobe will hook you up with a FREE copy of their Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which allows you to view PDF files. You can find it here. Acrobat Reader is all you need to view any ebook in the Magic World Publishers catalog.

10. Why did you choose for your digital distribution?
A. treats its customers and their content providers the way we like to be treated. Aside from their service, which is superb, their "digital shelf" feature is awesome. In one place, you can find all of your previous digital editions -- including free and purchased content -- no muss, no fuss. If your hard drive is damaged, or your tablet is lost, you can visit your digital shelf and re-download your previously purchased content ... for free ... at any time. This is a wonderful service and feature.

11. I want to leep tabs on what you guys are up to. What books are due for release in the next few weeks?
Glad you asked! You can visit our "sneak peek" page here.

12. Who owns Magic World Publishers?
We are owned by the McCarron family.

13. Is magic a healthy hobby?
Thanks for asking. Yes, magic can help young and old to bolster their confidence, improve their physical dexterity, and provide a healthy outlet for showing off their skills and abilities. Performing tricks in front of an audience helps build cognitive functions, as the magician stays one step ahead of his or her audience. Assembling an interesting story or "patter" to accompany the effect helps build imaginations and inspires the magician to learn to entertain others. Plus, magic helps keep you young, since magicians range in age from 8 to 80 ... and beyond!

14. I don't want to appear stupid, but I have to ask: what is mentalism?
Mentalism is the art of (apparently) reading the thoughts of another person. Dunninger made a living at performing feats of mentalism from the 1920s through the 1960s. Kreskin is another famous mentalist you've probably either seen or read about. The mentalism effects and books we offer rely on purely scientific means to perform; you don't need to be the seventh son of a seventh son in order to present them!

15. Which is better, magic or mentalism?
Magic, with its colorful props and enchanting story lines enchants all ages and backgrounds. Some professionals even perform it silently! Mentalism, on the other hand, is more cerebral. A good mentalist must have a strong command of language and an arresting personality. Mentalism does not play well to young children, who don't yet understand that mind reading is uncommon.

A quick look at our Bestsellers page reveals that our #1 most popular book is about magic (comedy magic, at that), while our #2 best-selling book is for mentalists. Eight of our current top ten titles have a mentalism theme. But we are seeing several magic titles beginning to work their way towards the top. Which is better? You decide!

16. Why are there some books about scams and con artists on your site?
We believe the old adage that "an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure." The best way not to get conned is to know what schemes these wiley crooks use. That's why titles in our Gambling and Cons section are part of the Magic World catalog. You can learn about hoaxes, scams and outrageous ripoffs -- and how not to get taken in by them. If only more people would learn to steer clear of the shysters and crooks, the world would be a better place.

17. I just wanted to see if anyone's still awake. Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?
You almost got us on that one! The answer, of course, is Grant . . . and Mrs. Grant!

Thanks for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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