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Wiles of a Wizard by Ward the WizardWiles of a Wizard
by Ward the Wizard

One of New York's busiest magic and psychic entertainers reveals the best of his audience-tested effects in this fascinating book.

This is not just a book for magicians. Several outstanding mentalism demonstrations are also included. These are effects that work and will get you repeat dates!

This popular performer explains the effects and methods, just as if he was providing you with personal instruction. Ed Mishell's pen and ink illustrations distill the methods even further, ensuring that the workings of these audience-pleasing miracles are easy to understand and perform.

Here's what's included:

  • Publisher's Introduction
  • Foreword
  • Instant Clairvoyance
  • Walking Through a Ribbon
  • Ward's Miracle Production Hat
  • Eyeless Vision Seeing Colors with the Fingertips
  • One Man Floating Ball
  • Watch Time Fly!
  • Dr. Rhine Outdone
  • Diminishing Dollar
  • A Trip to the Moon
  • Controlled Choice
  • Vest Pocket Mentalist
  • Instant Mindreading
  • Mental Vision of a Serial Number
  • Card in Flame
  • Two-Person Act with Spectators
  • Ward's Original Spirit Photo
  • New Two-Person Mental Code
  • Comedy Mindreading
  • Amazo Telepathy Test
  • Educated Goldfish
  • Kling Klang Up-to-Date
  • Graphometry A New Science!
  • Quadruple Coincidence
  • Levitation of a Wand
  • An Impossible Card Trick
  • Magic Lie Detector
  • Cut and Restored Tie - New Method
  • Miracle Nest of Boxes
  • An Incredible Production
  • An Original Coin Vanish
  • The Whispering Hat
  • My Favorite Opening Trick
  • The Romance of Magic

"I love the thinking behind Ward's 'Graphology' effect — I'm adding it to my show!"

—B. W. McCarron (The Amazing Whitney)

PDF format. Expanded reprint of the 1967 first edition. Includes important edits and updates; completely reset in crystal clear type. 81 pages + supplement. ($8 US)

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