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Stretching A Rope by Milbourne ChristopherStretching A Rope
by Milbourne Christopher

What a fantastic effect, from the audience's standpoint. The performer exhibits a three foot length of rope and mysteriously begins to S-T-R-E-T-C-H it to an unbelievable 20 feet!

Completely revised, these greatly enlarged instructions include BOTH of Milbourne Christopher's exclusive methods for stretching a rope to many times its original length. No hidden reels, magnets, or special rope needed. Regular, soft cotton magician's rope works fine for this. This will be a show-stopper in your act. Also makes a terrific introduction to a cut 'n restored or ring-on-rope routine.

PDF format. Reprint of the original 1938 Kanter edition. Includes minor edits, clarifications and updates. Completely reset in crystal clear type. 21 pages. ($2 US)

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