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Sensational Effects by Robert A. NelsonSensational Effects
by Robert A. Nelson


The most sensational release of the mentalist's closest guarded secrets. A choice collection of ultra-sensational effects that will not only puzzle the layman, but will baffle the mindreading profession as well.

Nelson has released a number of these closely guarded effects under one cover. Countless numbers of professional crystal gazers have been completely mystified by the effect known as "Answering questions that have not been written down," and on witnessing this effect, asked Nelson for the solution. Just one many effects described in this work.

The contents of "Sensational Effects" consists of a complete explanation and routine of how to accomplish the following effects, all of which are unbelievable, and yet easily accomplished.

  1. Answering questions that have not been written down, but merely thought of, with no plants or confederates.

  2. Answering questions that have been written, but not collected. No plant or confederate.

  3. Answering questions that have been written, collected by another member of the audience, deposited in a fair glass bowl that never leaves the audience’s sight, and spectators removing their questions as they are answered. No plant or confederates.

  4. Answering questions held by the writer, this question having never left their possession. No plant or confederates.

  5. Locating and answering questions merely thought of by spectators in the audience. No plant or confederates.

  6. Giving the birth date, address, phone number, etc., of spectators who retain their question and never allow it to pass out of their possession. No plant or confederates.

  7. Telling the birth date of spectators while they concentrate on same. No plants or confederates.

  8. Dozens of other equally good effects explained in detail, and with which you can build a gigantic reputation as a mentalist.

Also includes detailed and extremely valuable information on the use of plants, strong and sensational questions, gags and wrinkles. Nelson also explains in detail one of the best stage crystal gazing routines ever devised, which does not employ apparatus, and is absolutely indetectable. This feature alone is worth many times the price of this book.

Joe Kemp writes: "I consider your 'Sensational Effects' to be the greatest work in the written message field."

Milford Hull writes: "Am getting fine results with your 'Sensational Effects.'"

Are you a Nelson collector? This was Item Number 72 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. Now you can fill that missing spot in your collection.

PDF format. 63 pages + supplement. Expanded reprint of the 1957 edition, featuring dozens of corrections and updates, as well as new material. ($8 US)

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