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How to Answer Questions Through Crystal Gazing by Geo. DeLawrence How to Answer Questions Through Crystal Gazing
by George DeLawrence

The secret of success with a question and answer (Q&A) act lies in the performer's ability to ANSWER questions intelligently and to the point. In this book, DeLawrence reveals the real secret of answering questions from audience members of all walks of life. This work is regarded by many experienced professionals as the best of its kind ever written.

Included is a breakdown of questions according to the dress and other visual clues from the spectator; the value of asking for a raised hand after a partial delivery; stock questions (with many examples); tricks of the trade to developing entertaining answers; a thorough list of over 100 actual questions collected from the author's many years of performances; and much more.

This book was a staple of the Nelson Enterprises catalogs, which speaks volumes as to its value to the profession. The author intended this to be priced within the reach of all performers so that the art of mentalism could be elevated to a higher standard. We've kept that thought in mind by keeping the price low.

Originally published in 1921. Revised and expanded edition, features numerous corrections and updates. Every word reset in crystal clear type. PDF format. 35 pages. ($6 US)

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