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Promise of the Seer by B. W. McCarronPromise of the Seer
by B. W. McCarron

This routine, from the act of mentalist T. A. Whitney, will cause astonished onlookers to credit you with having genuine psychic powers!

A spectator writes a question or thought on a piece of unprepared paper. The paper is rubbed against a deck of playing cards. The spectator herself may burn the message to ashes.

Next, the spectator shuffles and cuts the cards and selects any five. These face-down cards are laid onto the table. The performer need not touch the cards once they are tabled.

The performer then proceeds to read the spectator's fortune, based on the meaning of the cards that she herself reveals. Along the way, the fortune includes an answer to the spectator's thought!

Best of all, the routine may be immediately repeated, revealing a different subject and fortune!

Any deck may be used. There is no switching of decks, nor are marked cards or any prearrangement used. No impression devices, either. No assistants or electronics. This is a one man effect.

You need not be the seventh son of a seventh son in order to perform this miracle. If you are new to (cartomancy) fortune telling with cards, four different methods are included with the routine. Select the one that works best for you!

Also included is a clever stratagem used by one performer to make considerable money with this amazing reading technique—even when performing at benefit events and charity fundraisers!

PDF format. 31 pages + supplement. Magic World is proud to add this title to our library of important texts for mental workers, psychic entertainers and magicians. ($8 US)

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