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Premiere Book Test by Edwin A. French (Revised Edition)Premiere Book Test
by Edwin A. French

Perhaps the simplest and most sure-fire of all book tests, using three unprepared books. Can be performed as a one-person or two-person test.

The original manuscript sold for the equivalent of $19 when first introduced and has been out of print for years. Now available once again at a very reasonable price.

The author claimed that the bold method and presentation created more favorable talk than anything else he presented. You, too, can create a "buzz" of publicity when you perform it.

If working as a two-person effect, there are no codes used. Can use any girl as the medium. A great way to get your significant other in on the act. Or, if you work solo, use it as a one-man effect.

In fact, this is a version that could also be presented by a ventriloquist and his dummy, with the dummy seated upon the stage and the performer out in the audience. The dummy somehow reads the mind of the audience volunteer. Or the performer is unable to receive the correct "mental vibrations" and the vent figure comes to the rescue.

"Of particular merit is the fact that the books are unprepared. This allows the performer a nearly unprecedented opportunity to customize the presentation for the particular audience."
--From the Introduction by B. W. McCarron

PDF format. Expanded reprint of the 1931 first edition. Includes important edits, clarifications and updates, plus four new chapters. 17 pages plus supplement. ($4 US)

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