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Parlor Problems or Mental Mathematical Magic by Preston Langley Hickey (Revised Edition)Parlor Problems
or Mental Mathematical Magic
by Preston Langley Hickey

A slim book, yet it contains some of the most entertaining effects with numbers ever devised.

A book devoted to an entirely different branch of magical entertainment that, prior to its release, had never been published before.

This book opens up a new and unique field to any entertainer. Any person of average intelligence can perform the various effects.

No apparatus necessary, except for a blackboard, white board or flip chart and a writing utensil. With this book, anyone can produce both laughter and surprise and create a riot at any evening party with the most startling effects in lightning calculation and brain teasery.

Not a rehash. The contents, as far as the author could establish, had never before appeared in either book or magazine.

Written to be a book for the ages, its contents will still be practical 100 years from now. Recommended for magicians, mentalists, business people, sales staff, trainers, public speakers, and anyone who makes professional presentations.


  • Foreword by B. W. McCarron
  • Introduction

  • The Basic Number

  • Lightning Addition
  • Lightning Multiplication
  • Crossed-Out Number Trick
  • Multiplication Extraordinary
  • Forty-Five from Forty-Five
  • The Mental Number Trick
  • A Salary Increase

  • The Cannibals and the Missionaries

  • Afterword
  • About the Author
  • Thank You
  • Suggested Titles

"[This] publication will enable one to present a most remarkable and entertaining exhibition. One feature effect, entitled 'The Cannibals and [the Missionaries]' is alone worth the price of the book."
(--Floyd G. Thayer)

"A clever book on Magical Mathematics that you will find a very pleasing diversion to include with your various magic programs."

(--A. C. Gilbert)

"Will serve to pleasantly pass away an hour or two at an evening's gathering of friends."

(--Dr. A. M. Wilson, The Sphinx magazine)

PDF format. Revised and updated version of the 1920 first edition. Includes three added chapters, plus important edits and updates. Completely reset in crystal clear type. 31 pages + supplement. ($4 US)

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