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Master Mentalism by Edwin A. French (Revised Edition)Master Mentalism
by Edwin A. French

A knock-out impromptu mentalism demonstration of answering audience questions.

Can be worked solo, as a one-man effect, or by a crystal gazer, with an assistant, for use on the stage.

Complete routine, with two methods described, and full opening lecture.

The original manuscript is very hard to find nowadays, being jealously hoarded by collectors. If you've wanted to perform a Q&A (question and answer) type of mental act, this title is one you should add to your library.

In our opinion, the tips and suggestions from editor T. A. Whitney are alone worth the investment.

"If you are looking for something good in mental work, here you have a knockout with a lecture, method and presentation of a real mental act. Worth many times the price asked."
--Max Holden

"A very good introductory lecture ... the single-handed move has not been thought of before in conjunction with an act of this description."

--George Johnson in The Magic Wand

PDF format. Expanded reprint of the 1931 first edition. Includes important edits, clarifications and updates, plus two new chapters and two added photos. 17 pages plus supplement. ($5 US)

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