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Manual of Show Stunts by Hamilton Floyd
Manual of Show Stunts
by Hamilton Floyd


An ideal lesson and source book for obtaining information on acquiring show skills. Learn them and perform at fairs, traveling circuses, rodeos, "in one" before the curtain at magic shows, on cruise ships, or on TV.

Let's face it. Audiences love show stunts, such as juggling, balance feats, acrobatic demonstrations, and the like. They appreciate the level skill and dedication that these artists possess.

Because these acts are somewhat of a novelty, they fit in well with other entertainments, making an extravaganza that is a sure crowd-pleaser and money maker.

Think of the top "cirque" type attractions in Las Vegas and you'll understand what this book is all about.

Learn these show stunts to break the ice at parties and gatherings, as a career, to build self-esteem, or strictly for fun. This is the handbook to get you started!


  • Foreword
  • Juggling
    Introduction - Practice-Starting Out - Juggling Two Balls in One Hand - Two Balls Using Two Hands - The Cascade - The Shower - The Fountain - The Double Shower - The Pass-Over - Three Balls in One Hand - Three Balls in One Hand - The Five-Ball Cascade - Recommendations - Bouncing - Covering Misses - Juggling with Clubs - Juggling with Plates
  • Baton Twirling
    Introduction - The Figure Eight - The Wrist Spin - Changes - The Two-Hand Spin - Around the Back - Finger Twirls - One-Finger Spin - One-Finger Spin with Signal Baton - Recovery - Routines
  • Lariat Tricks
    Introduction - Making Your Own Lariat - Flat Loop to the Left - Flat Loop to the Right - The Wedding Ring - Stepping In and Stepping Out - Around the Back - The Vertical Loop - Jumping Through the Upright Loop - Making a Catch - Exhibitions
  • Acrobatics
    Introduction - Practice Place - The Roll - The Cart Wheel - The Headstand - The Handstand - The Hand Walk - The Dive - Diving Through Hoops - The Snap-Up - The Bender - The Back Flip - The Front Handspring - Additional Acrobatic Tricks
  • Ventriloquism
    Introduction - Ventriloquial Speech - Dialogues - The Dummy - Control of the Dummy - The Illusion of Life - Developing an Act
  • Balancing
    Balancing with the Hands - Variety - On the Chin - Balancing on the Nose and Forehead - The Balance Board - Combination Tricks
  • Miscellaneous Tricks
    Introduction - The Hat Trick - The Monocle Trick - The Cigar Trick - Jumping Over a Stick Held in the Hands - Spinning an Egg - Rolling a Ball on an Umbrella - The Lighted Match Trick - Lighted Match Trick Revisited - The Card and Coin Trick
  • Putting Over the Act
    Showmanship - Costumes - Music - Covering Misses - The Medal Trick - Planning Recoveries - Personality
  • Sources of Supply
  • Thank You
  • Additional Books

PDF format. Revised and expanded reprint of the 1940 Floyd Brothers first edition. Includes 30 additional illustrations and photos that were left out of the original release. Also contains important edits, clarifications and updates with fresh type and layout. 84 pages + additional content. ($6)

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