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Magic and Mentalism Mysteries by William V. Ottaway and T. A. WhitneyMagic and Mentalism Mysteries
by William V. Ottaway and T. A. Whitney

A nearly impossible to find book of occult-themed magic and mentalism is now back and better than ever!

Updated text and graphics have been added to this vintage text, containing a nice bridge to the past and present.

No difficult sleights are required. Instructions are included for constructing the necessary apparatus to present these fine demonstrations to your own audiences.


  • Preface
  • Foreword
  • "Spirit Guide" Card Location in the Dark
  • "Muscle Reading" Card Trick
  • No-Sleight Card Location
  • How to Use the "Peg Card" Device
  • Counting with Cards
  • Mystery from Another World
  • Card Under Glass
  • A Combination Trick
  • Spirit Slates
  • A Spirit Effect
  • Reading Sealed Messages
  • The Paper Pad Test
  • Levitation of the Crystal
  • An Experiment in Crystal Gazing
  • About the Authors
  • Thank You
  • Suggestions for Your Library

PDF format. Expanded reprint of the 1925 first edition, originally published as "Pleasure Moments with the Magic Man." Includes important edits and updates; completely reset in crystal clear type; with added biographies, several pages of new presentations, and 19 illustrations left out of the original edition. 41 pages + supplement. ($6 US)

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