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At the Table by Neal Elias

At the Table
by Neal Elias

This quality volume contains 13 must-have card presentations and sleights, plus a no-sleight effect for the close-up entertainer.

Neal Elias was a confidant of Ed Marlo, Lin Searles, and other world class card experts... More...

Be Deceived by Louis Lam

Be Deceived
by Louis Lam

Subtitled "Card magic that is different," here are a baker's dozen tested and proven card effects that your audience will enjoy. Card discoveries, mental mysteries, and audience participation effects are all included in this gem of a book. More...

The Berland Book of Routines by Sam Berland

The Berland Book of Routines
by Sam Berland

Take your magic to the next level by incorporating one or more of Berland's beautifully choreographed routines into your act. This is magic that makes audiences, booking agents, and club owners sit up and take notice.

Not just one or two, but eight separate routines, using items already owned by most magicians. The performances are well-thought out, clearly described, and with 147 illustrations... More...

Between the Acts by Jimmy Ray

Between the Acts
by Jimmy Ray

These is commercial magic at its best, suitable for performance on TV, in bars, casinos, night clubs, and corporate events.

Jimmy Ray, a top-flight pro, reveals nearly two dozen of his favorite effects and routines with cards, coins, dice ... More...

Call the Witness by Gunther & Fleischman

Call the Witness
by Gunther & Fleischman

Here are 22 funny, irreverent, off-beat magic and mentalism effects and ideas that are sure to get you noticed! Rarely does a book come around that's as much fun to read as it is to perform. This is just such a book. It could be the best $4 you spend all year! More...

Cardially Yours by Al Baker
Cardially Yours
by Al Baker

Contains seven superb mental-flavored card miracles from Al Baker, past Dean of Magic for the Society of American Magicians. Your audiences will enjoy watching them as much as you will enjoy performing them.

Effects include Color Flight, Out on Location, Al Baker's Stacked Deck, More...

Clearly Mental! by B.W. McCarron

Clearly Mental!
by B.W. McCarron

Eleven entertaining mental routines, including a subtlety used by one of America's most prominent performers to ensure that a beautiful woman is selected as a volunteer! Inside these 58 pages, McCarron explains not only routines, but 30 additional ideas for coming up with your own custom-crafted effects. More...

Cut the Cards by Martin Gardner

Cut the Cards
by Martin Gardner

The 17 effects contained in this collection can be performed with an unprepared deck. Never again be caught without a trick to demonstrate!

Included are A Close Fit, The Unconfused Joker, Double Vanish and Recovery, Use Your Head, A New False Cut, X-Ray Touch, More...

The Dr. X Book

The Dr. X Book
by Dr. X (Edited by B.W. McCarron)

Imagine paging through the Nelson Enterprises catalog and discovering a book that lays bare the methods to dozens of mental, psychic and spirit medium effects. Nelson called it the "opportunity of a lifetime" to purchase this book. Now updated and featuring over 60 illustrations missing from the print edition ... More...

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