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Magic That Perks by Harry E. CecilHarry E. Cecil's
Magic That Perks!
(Revised Edition)

When an internationally-known funnyman-magician writes a book with his pals, you just know the result will perk you up!

And that's what you'll get with "Magic That Perks" - great magic with comedy patter that your audiences will love.

Cecil, a vice-president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, provides gems from his own act in the first part of the book. The second section contains great magic from his friends and fellow IBM alums involving cards, coins, rope, and more. Here's a look at what's inside:

  • Foreword 8
  • Introduction 11
  • Opening Patter 15
  • The Fir Tree 17
  • Vanishing Wand 21
  • Banana Bag 24
  • Laundry Ticket 29
  • Sun and Moon 31
  • Slate Prophecy 38
  • Card in Cigarette 44
  • Royal Flush 47
  • 'Sure Enough' Card Effect 49
  • Old Pink Lemonade Stand 53
  • Middle-Words 59
  • The Animal Chase 60
  • One of the Ups and Downs of Magic 66
  • New Finish for Max Sterling Egg Trick 67
  • Anti-Slip, No Connection Wrinkles 68
  • Watch Board 70
  • Silk Cocoon 72
  • Simple, Effective, Spelling Trick 75
  • Cups and Balls with Large Cups 78
  • Clean-Cut Color Change 83
  • Straitjacket Card Effect 84
  • The Case of the Four Kings 87
  • Subconscious Card Control 89
  • Sympathetic Spelling Bee 91
  • Color Harmony 93
  • Telephone Card Trick 94
  • Fun with Second-Dealing 95
  • Original Coin Act 97
  • The "Fitz" Hat Trick 104
  • Slate Divination 106
  • Mind Reading Extraordinary 109
  • A Silly Opening Trick 112
  • Dual Attraction 114
  • Relue's Ropes and Cups 117
  • The "G" Men and the Joker 120
  • Planting a Load in a Borrowed Hat 124
  • A Card Problem 126
  • Unusual Card Change 130

"Magic That Perks is crammed with good material and is delightfully written."
          --"Magic in Print" review in "The Sphinx."

"Magic That Perks is highly recommended by those who have been privileged to examine the contents in manuscript form."
          --T. J. Crawford, columnist, "The Linking Ring."

"A swell book. Just read it the third time and discovered several good effects which will be in my program in the future."
          --Bill Frazee, columnist, "The Sphinx."

PDF format. Expanded and updated version of the 1937 Abbott's Magic first print edition. Illustrations by Sid Lorraine. Includes important edits and updates. Completely reset in crystal clear type. 140 pages. Magic World edition published: January 2017. ($4 US)

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