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PROTECTION: The Sealed Book by Joseph E. Meyer

PROTECTION: The Sealed Book
by Joseph E. Meyer

An underground classic, this insightful text contains full details of gambling devices and methods used by professionals to beat and cheat casinos and other players.

Includes gambling systems that sold for as much as $25 each. These are also detailed, in the original author's own words, plus his added commentary. Learn Little Jim Forrester's $25 Secret for Winning with Fair Dice and other cheats and scams including rigged carnival and gambling games, lotteries, stock market swindles, bucket shops, gambler's secret codes, horse racing, marked cards, and more...

Sensational Effects by Robert A. Nelson

Sensational Effects
by Robert A. Nelson

In this volume, Nelson lays bare the mentalist's most closest guarded secrets. A choice collection of sensational effects that will not only puzzle the layman, but will baffle the mindreading profession, as well.

Answer questions that have not been written down, but merely thought of, with no plants or confederates. Give a spectator's birthdate, address, phone number, etc., which spectator retains and never allows out of their possession . . . .More...

Mystery of the Gyrating Tables by Robert A. Nelson

Mystery of the Gyrating Tables
by Robert A. Nelson

Bob Nelson reveals his famous "Mystery of the Gyrating Tables" presentation, complete with opening lecture. Using ordinary, unprepared tables and no apparatus whatsoever, the tables tip, teeter, wobble and gyrate around the room or stage in the craziest fashion. No stooges or confederates are employed at any time. . .More...

Tricks for the Few by Lance Charles

Tricks for the Few
by Lance Charles

This book contains ten tricks, using cards, a magic wand, rope, and other items associated with the magic arts. Most of the effects require no special apparatus. What little is needed can easily be constructed.

Modern performers will really enjoy the card rise, where the action takes place with a borrowed deck! Also of interest is "Through the Five-Spot," an impossible solid-through-solid effect where a card visibly melts through the center of the magician's wand. . . .More...

Effervescent Effects by Julius Hopkins

Effervescent Effects
by Julius Hopkins

Here's a book that belongs on every magician's digital book shelf. Inside are 48 effects, tips and suggestions for close-up and club performers. One of our favorites is the "Ring and Balloon Problem," as we can see it being used to win bar bets. Especially if you use an engagement or wedding patter story with your spectator.

"Dollar Discernment" is also exceptionally clever as a mental test. We believe entertainers will make great use of it for those situations where they are asked to perform and have no props with them. Good stuff! . . .More...

Vaudeville Mind Reading by David J. Lustig

Vaudeville Mind Reading
by David J. Lustig

Dunninger's "behind the scenes man," David J. Lustig, describes a whopping twenty mind reading systems, second sight acts and entertaining psychic experiments in this book — each one carefully described in detail. Includes" Methods of so-called Crystal Gazing; A Musical Silent Thought Act; a Crystal Gazing Act for Club Entertainers; Electrical, Phonetic and Silent Codes; The Blindfold Drive; The Chess Knight Tour; Publicity Stunts; Voice Culture; Answering Catch Questions; and . . .More...

Effective Answers to Questions by Robert A. Nelson

Effective Answers to Questions
by Robert A. Nelson

In this advanced course for mentalists and psychic entertainers, Nelson delves further into the psychology of Q&A work, combining essential showmanship with the psychology of the answers.

Teaches the reader how to answer questions, the basic principles of combining effectiveness with answers, how to convince your audience, and to attain a higher percentage of correct answers. This book is an investment that will pay you financial dividends. No matter how successful you are, it will aid you in being MORE successful. More...

The Magic 36 by Wm. S. Houghton

The Magic 36
by William S. Houghton

Within these 134 pages are 36 professional caliber effects, completely described in plain language.

Not just magic, but mental and psychic demonstrations, too. The effects and routines include apparatus tricks, mental stunts, spirit writing, predictions, magazine and book tests, thumb ties, and tricks with cards, silks, coins, cigarettes, billiard balls, sponge ball and a terrific rope routine. More...

Spirit Rope Ties by S. W. Reilly

Spirit Rope Ties
by S. W. Reilly

The Spirit Rope Tie, long a staple of bogus spirit séances, is a great way to add fun, humor and mystery into your act. Whether played "straight," recreating a vintage spirit séance, or as a comedic effect that gets funnier with each repetition, any of the rope ties included in the book is strong enough to be a reputation maker for you. In fact, the very first tie described offers a lightning fast, instantaneous release, despite the knots being tied by an audience volunteer! More...

37 Effective After Dinner Tricks by Arthur P. Felsman

37 Effective After Dinner Tricks
by Arthur P. Felsman

Here's a clever book of after-dinner magic to entertain friends, business associates, and even total strangers. Written by a famous Chicago magic dealer, the effects run the gamut from close-up miracles to routines for club and platform. You'll find entertaining matrix effects, cut and restored mysteries, mindreading experiments, and much more. Includes a very nice two-person mental act that could be the hit of your next corporate show, banquet, or awards dinner.... More...

How to Make a Ghost Walk by Joseph Dunninger

How to Make a Ghost Walk
by Joseph Dunninger

Conduct your very own full-light, semi-dark or full darkness spirit séance!

Dunninger, the world-famous mentalist and psychic debunker, presents this revealing book on how to present séance experiments including rope ties, spirit manifestations, revealing questions from departed loved ones, spirit cabinet effects, automatic writing, spirit voices, the fingertip aura, a billet switch, table raps, the bottled spirit test and much more ... More...

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