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Last Word Blindfold Methods by Burling Volta Hull Last Word Blindfold Methods
by Burling Hull

Over $500 of professional mentalists' blindfold secrets are divulged in this insider's publication.

The use of a blindfold adds a flair of mystery and showmanship to any mental or psychic presentation. It lends a dramatic touch that makes the audience sit up and pay attention.

An astounding twelve different blindfolds are revealed--fourteen methods in all, making this one of the most complete compendiums on this subject ever to be assembled.

Explained are methods used by stage mentalists, club entertainers, psychic "office" workers and phony mediums to present "eyeless vision" "seeing with the fingers" and "X-ray eye" effects for stage, platform, and one-on-one presentations.

Partial contents:

  • The Volta "Detection-Proof" Blindfold
  • "Instantaneous" Self-Contained (Mechanical) Blindfold
  • The Famous Coin Blindfold
  • Another Coin Blindfold
  • Wash Bucket Blindfold (Three Methods)
  • Leather Blindfold
  • Method for Blindfold Drives
  • Outdoor Publicity Blindfold
  • Blindfolded by Spectators
  • Two-Handkerchief Blindfold
  • Double-Rolled Blindfold
  • Velvet Hood Blindfold

"For my money, the Instantaneous Self-Contained Blindfold is one of the cleverest methods ever released to the profession."
  —T. A. Whitney

PDF. 31 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1946 second edition. Includes corrections, new content, additional chapters and all text reset in crystal-clear digital type. ($8 US)

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