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The L.W. Mental and Spirit Mysteries by William Larsen and T. Page WrightThe L.W. Mental and Spirit Mysteries
by William Larsen and T. Page Wright

Here are six stunning mental and spirit-flavored effects from the creative minds of Larsen and Wright.

From the authors of The L.W. Card Mysteries comes this great book of effects for psychic entertainers that will leave audiences thinking that they have just witnessed genuine thought stealing!

You get:

  • Psychic Vision - An ingenious method of answering a single question.

  • The Quick or the Dead - Perhaps the best method ever for performing this great billet test. Put your thinking cap on and you'll find many uses for this, aside from the original premise.

  • From a Shuffled Pack - A great test feature.

  • The Medium Speaks - A question answering act without apparatus that can be learned in thirty minutes.

  • One-Man Mindreading - A clever way to reveal fortunes at parties, or even from the platform!

  • Laces and a Phantom - The perfect spirit experiment.

"The L.W. Mental and Spirit Mysteries is the gem of their [Larsen and Wright's] efforts. The material consists of six excellent effects, all of which are practical."

—Milton A. Bridges' review in The Sphinx magazine

PDF format. Updated and corrected reprint of the 1929 S. A. Conrad edition. Includes important edits, clarifications and updates. 23 pages + supplement. ($4 US.)

The L.W. Mental and Spirit Mysteries is now available for purchase at


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