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The Jaspernese Thumb Tie by Jay Marshall
Jaspernese Thumb Tie
by Jay Marshall

Newly revised edition. An amazing escape effect that packs small and plays BIG!

The performer has his thumbs tied with a pair of pipe cleaners or twist ties. A spectator makes the final twists and secures them tightly. The magician is bound securely, yet he can INSTANTLY link his arms around a pillar, pole, chair, linking ring, etc.

Pandemonium ensues when the performer is shown with thumbs bound securely, yet he is able to gesture directions, tap a person on the shoulder, pick up someone's lost wallet, answer his phone, sign a restaurant receipt, put his linked arms around spectator's waist, etc., then instantly he is seen to again be tightly bound!

The author tips the real work, as used by Jay Marshall, Mac King and others. Play it for comedy, as a genuine escape, or as part of a dark sťance. Absolutely nothing other than the pipe cleaners (or twist ties) are used. Nothing to hide or ditch afterward.

Click for video demonstrations by Jay Marshall and Mac King, performing this effect.

A natural for getting free publicity in newspapers. Lots of Houdini patter possibilities, too.

PDF. 2019 revised and enlarged edition. Four new chapters. Expanded and corrected version of the Brown's Magic Studio first edition. Completely reset in crystal clear type. 20 pages + supplement. ($6 US)

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