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Hypno-Trix by Robert A. NelsonHypno-Trix
by Robert A. Nelson

Not real hypnotism, but "Hypno-Trix," in which the subject actually believes that he or she has been hypnotized!

Here is a brilliant series of 12 pseudo-hypnotic stunts that, unknown to the audience, rely on subtle bits of trickery instead of actual hypnotic methods.

In fact, the subject's reactions to these tests are so positive that they are convinced that they were truly under hypnotic control. By employing certain known natural laws, the desired susceptibility is easily and positively obtained.

"Hypno-Trix" can be used as stepping stones to genuine hypnotism. Once the subject is convinced that you exercise and influence over him or her, half the battle is won. Nelson claimed that many professional hypnotists employ these hypno-trix in "preparing" their subjects for genuine hypnotism.

All the tests described are genuine hypnotic tests, but success is assured by use of the hypno-trix principles. Included is not one test, but many. The tests are sure-fire — use any subjects. These demonstrations make excellent entertainment for large or small groups. Enhance your reputation as a hypnotist or psychic entertainer.

Also included as a bonus is Nelson's "How to Hypnotize a Flower" routine. Nelson believed he was the first to describe the method for causing an unprepared flower — in full bloom — to visibly wilt and die at the command of the performer. If you witnessed this demonstration from a South American professional hypnotist, and always wondered how it was done, now you'll know.

Are you a Nelson collector? This was Item Number 631 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. Now you can fill that missing spot in your collection.

NOTE: Despite the similar-sounding titles, this is a different work than Stewart James' "Quick Hypnotic Tricks" booklet. Even though the James book also contains 12 effects, there's only one stunt in common between the two titles.

PDF format. 28 pages + supplement. Expanded reprint of the 1956 edition, with several corrections, updates, and illustrations. ($8 US)

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