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Grafters of America by Clinton R. Wooldridge Grafters of America
by Clifton R. Wooldridge

Here is a rare treat! A fascinating, inside look at how carnival midway cheats, street gangs, road hustlers, rigged racebooks, marriage bureau scammers, 'wildcat' oil frauds and many more were brought to justice by the author, a Chicago police detective.

Many of these scams are still in use today. Don't read this book to cheat -- instead, read it for protection so you don't become the next victim!

Colorfully written, this massive book is a true-life encyclopedia of scams, cons, swindles, ruses, devices and methods — and how the cheaters were taken down and brought to justice.

Includes descriptions of rigged carnival games and gambling paraphernalia as supplied by purveyors of crooked gaming equipment. Not only is this book a fun read, the various adventures and larger-than-life characters will offer many suggestions to spice up the patter in your magic routine or gambling lecture.

PDF format. 423 pages + supplement. Abridged and corrected edition of the 1906 first printing. Edited by B. W. McCarron (author of The Gambling Magician.) Every word has been reset in crystal clear type for easy reading. ($8 US)

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