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Gamblers' Tricks with Cards by J.H. Green

Gamblers' Tricks with Cards
by J.H. Green

Scores of street scams, swindles, and card table ruses are explained in this 163 page book, guaranteed to separate a sucker from his money just as quickly today as when this tome was first written in the mid-1800s. Don't read this book to cheat -- instead, get it for protection so you don't become a victim! A fascinating study, filled with accounts of colorful, larger-than-life characters. Some were victims, others turned the tables and made suckers out of the swindlers. More...

How It's Done (Revised Edition) by Edward A. Litzau
How It's Done
by Edward A. Litzau

This privately printed gem contains some of the best card marking inks, daubs, shading and blockout inks ever. The luminous reader formula is explained, too, as is a method to produce short or narrow cards that doesn't require a card trimmer! Also includes modern alternatives to some chemical and dye-based compounds, making it easier than ever to obtain professional results in the privacy of your home workshop. More...

1960 K. C. Card Co. Catalog Reprint

1960 K. C. Card Co. Catalog Reprint
by K.C. Card Co.

The infamous 1960 K.C. Card Company "Blue Book" of gaffed cards, crooked dice, and gambling hall equipment is once again available for magicians and gaming collectors alike. In 1960, the KCCC was at the top of its game. No one could have guessed that one year later, the company would be out of business, due to FBI raids. More...
MentaLotto by B.W. McCarron

by B.W. McCarron

"A clever idea!" - Karrell Fox

This mental lottery mystery is sure to please any audience. MENTALOTTO combines mentalism, audience participation and a gambling theme. A big effect and one that you will use. Great for publicity purposes ... More...
The Open Book by J.H. Johnson
The Open Book
by J.H. Johnson

Don't be a sucker! THE OPEN BOOK reveals how crooked gamblers, cheats, and con artists fleece the innocent and unwary public out of THOUSANDS of dollars daily. Even that carnival game at the local fairgrounds may not be as innocent as it looks. Learn the inside scoop through the pages of this book ... More...

Seers, Psychics, Sinners and Salesmen by B.W. McCarron

Seers, Psychics, Sinners and Salesmen
by B.W. McCarron

Protect yourself from the secrets of professional data thieves and along the way, you'll begin thinking of way to adapt these devious methods into harmless, yet entertaining routines for your mental or psychic act. Be sure to read it all, as there's a nifty treat for stage mentalists ... More...
Short-Changing by Penny Ante Jim

by Penny Ante Jim

The "inside dope" on the grifter's short-change con, as used by unscrupulous ticket takers, food vendors, carnival workers, clerks -- anywhere money changes hands.

Protect yourself from becoming a victim! Learn the Bar Room Clip, Carnival and Circus Take, Bill Slip-Over and... More...

Sideshow and Animal Tricks by Hereward Carrington

Sideshow and Animal Tricks
by Hereward Carrington

Step right up, folks! See Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy, the Wild Man of Borneo, the Fire-Breathing Man, and that's just for starters! Learn the inner secrets of the sideshow including fire walking, animal training, ventriloquism, special stage effects, and even the inside secrets of the professional card sharps. More...

Spook Crooks! by Julien J. Proskauer

Spook Crooks!
by Julien J. Proskauer

SPOOK CROOKS! is Julien Proskauer's searing expose' of the world of phony prophets, fake mediums, and other con artists who fleeced innocent victims of their cash, dignity and in some cases their lives! A slick billet switch, the gypsy money switch, and many other secrets are revealed in crystal clear text and illustrations. More...

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