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Fleecing the Flock: Confessions of a Spirit Medium by 'Parker' Fleecing the Flock:
Confessions of a Spirit Medium

by "Parker"

This is the entertaining, true story of "Mr. Parker" (not his real name), an American who discovers the exploding spiritualism séance scene in London. Along the way, he meets up with Thomson, a spirit medium of some renown. Unknown to Parker, Thomson is a fraud. We're along for a wild ride as Thomson slowly but surely reels in his victim. In a matter of months, Parker, formerly a fellow of good moral standing, is seduced into the fast-paced life of a spirit medium.

As you read along, you'll meet the various spirits that are conjured up by Thomson and company, as well as witness the various manifestations through the eyes of Parker. "Joey," one of Thompson's manufactured spirits, steals the show in several chapters with his levity and "down home" wit.

This is not just an entertaining story. Thomson's methods are revealed, too, which will be of interest to mentalists and bizarrist performers who may want to add a dark sťance act to their repertoire.

You'll find this book to be an entertaining behind the scenes look from the perspective of a pair of working mediums as they travel to London, Brussels, and other locales in the 1880s. One can't help but feel a vicarious thrill as one séance after another is performed, sometimes before the very eyes of police detectives and known skeptics who would like nothing better than to expose one more swindling medium. You're going to like this book.

PDF eBook of 300 pages. Originally published in 1882 as Confessions of a Medium. Completely reset in crystal-clear type. ($6 US)

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