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Extra Sensory Perfection by J. G. Thompson, Jr. Extra Sensory Perfection
by J. G. Thompson, Jr.

Mentalists: Here's a complete four-phase routine using a deck of ESP cards. Don't just pretend to be a psychic -- be one!

Do you know the true facts about the ESP deck? J. G. Thompson, Jr. has thoroughly analyzed the deck and come up with some most amazing discoveries which he has blended into the FIRST COMPLETELY ROUTINED demonstration with a standard deck of Rhine E. S. P. cards.

Now you can prove your mastery over EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION and demonstrate to your audience that you are a MENTALIST by using an ESP testing deck - a scientifically approved accessory. You go through a series of experiments such as Rhine has only hoped to achieve, on to a smashing double climax that will make believers out of your spectators.

Here is a routine that is destined to become a classic. Do it anytime. anywhere and under any and all conditions. EASY TO DO as each sequence follows in logical order. To your audience, it will border on the supernormal.

Uses any ESP deck.

Written by acclaimed author-mentalist J. G. Thompson, Jr., who brought you "My Best" and co-authored "Futuristic Foursome" and "Telepathic Trio." This is a psychic masterpiece that you will use!

PDF format. 18 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1955 Ed Mellon edition, includes new content, photos, additional chapters and all text reset in crystal-clear digital type. ($8 US)

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