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Enthusiastic Magic by Chas. EastmanEnthusiastic Magic
by Chas. C. Eastman

This work by noted magic author and dealer Chas. Eastman contains 11 great effects and tips for performers of all skill levels. We think this could be the best value in magic today. Contributors include Tommy Tucker, James D. Taylor, Val Evans, Harry Valcarte, and more. Here's a look at the contents:

  • Publisher's Introduction

  • A Most Subtle Card Force - Spectator inserts a red-backed card into a blue-backed deck. The card at the selected position is actually forced. No slip force is used.

  • The Triple Mystery - A dictionary mental prediction with three climaxes!

  • Call It What You Like - A coincidence effect using two decks.

  • Genuine Bill and Cigarette Mystery - A signed bill is found in a borrowed cigarette.

  • How To Be A Magician - Spectator is apparently shown how to perform a trick, but is just as surprised at the end as the rest of the audience.

  • Routine It - Three selected cards are found by telepathy, catching a card out of a shower of cards, then the last is stabbed through a newspaper. An impressive routine.

  • Take It Again - Selected card is revealed after shuffling and cutting the deck.

  • Poker Prestidigitation - Tommy Tucker provides this nice four Ace effect.

  • Miser's Dream (with Patter) - A very funny effect that will get you more bookings.

  • Magician's Handy Accessory - An improvement for effects such as the rising cards that formerly required the use of an assistant.

  • There You Are! - Val Evans' contribution of a spelling finale for a chosen card effect.

  • About the Author

PDF format. Reprint of the original 1935 first edition. Includes minor edits, clarifications and updates. Completely reset in crystal clear type, with added biography. 34 pages + supplement. ($4 US)

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