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Effervescent Effects by Julius Hopkins Effervescent Effects
by Julius Hopkins

Here's a book that belongs on every magician's digital shelf! Inside you'll find 48 effects, tips and suggestions for close-up and club performers.

One of our favorites is the "Ring and Balloon Problem," as we can see it being used to win bar bets. Especially if you use an engagement or wedding patter story with your spectator.

"Dollar Discernment" is also exceptionally clever as a mental test. We believe entertainers will make great use of it for those situations where they are asked to perform and have no props with them. Good stuff!

Here's a look at what's included:

  1. Preface
  2. The Magician's Mistake
  3. Astonishing Prediction
  4. Color Perception
  5. Kings and Queens
  6. Billfold Mystery
  7. Reds and Blacks
  8. Three Trick Routine with a Svengali Deck
  9. Houdini Card Climax
  10. Telepathic Revelation
  11. Balanced Cards
  12. Black Hand
  13. The Hopkins Drop
  14. Coin Thru Hand
  15. Coin to Quarter
  16. Coin Vanish from Hank
  17. Two Coins to One
  18. Coin Vanish from Paper Square
  19. My Double-Headed Quarter
  20. Ring on Shoelace
  21. Ring through Rope
  22. Ring through Rubber Band
  23. Ring through Silk
  24. Ring through Card
  25. Ring and Balloon Problem
  26. Finger-Ring
  27. Ethereal Silk
  28. Do Your Eyes Deceive You?
  29. The Invisible Ball
  30. Poker Chip Transposition
  31. Magical Mailbox
  32. Balloon Bewilderment
  33. Curious Combs
  34. The Onion Detector
  35. Surprise Appearing Wand
  36. Hindu Rise
  37. Hindu Shuffle Gag
  38. Cut and Restored Rubber Band
  39. Paper Weight
  40. Passe-Passe Bottle and Glass Routine
  41. Dollar Discernment
  42. Book-Silk Change
  43. My Blok-Kord Presentation
  44. Loops to Knots
  45. Rope Release
  46. Big Silk from Little Hat
  47. Rope Stretch
  48. Rope through Body
  49. The Odd Hanger
  50. About the Author

"We liked it! This is the sort of book welcomed by most magicians. A variety of subjects, close-up and stage effects, tips, ideas, routines and suggestions. It is always good to learn what the other fellow does and to add some of his thoughts to your own chicanery."
          --Tops magazine review.

PDF format. Expanded and updated version of the 1962 Al's Magic Shop first print edition. Includes important edits, corrections and updates, as well as new content, including additional illustrations. Completely reset in crystal clear type. 63 pages. ($6 US)

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