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ESP Brain Busters by Robert A. Nelson & B. W. McCarronESP Brain Busters
by Robert A. Nelson
and B. W. McCarron

Not one, but a complete series of thought-provoking mental routines with ESP cards!

These sensational effects give you, the psychic entertainer, the ability to add punch to your program. One effect alone is worth a ten-dollar bill!

Sufficient routines and material are included for a complete act of Extra Sensory Perception tests. Full patter presentations for many of the effects are given, too.

New to this edition are camera-ready master images of the ESP symbol cards, allowing you to print your own, all the way up to jumbo size for stage presentations! And, we didn't stop there. Each of the printable cards is secretly marked from the back!


  • Original Nelson Catalog Advertisement
    • Foreword
    • Introduction
    • Remembering the Cards
    • Marking Systems for ESP Cards
    • Nelson System for Rider Backs
    • Alternate System for Rider Backs
    • "Blocked Birds" System for Rider Backs
    • System for BONUS Camera-Ready Cards
    • Display Stand for Jumbo ESP Cards
    • ESP Testing
    • First Experiment
    • Second Experiment
    • Variation
    • Bowl of Ahn Soo
    • Super Prediction
    • Telepathic Prediction by Radar
    • One-Way Bikes
    • If You Have an Assistant
    • Concentration Deluxe
    • Verbal and Silent Codes
    • Test Telepathy
    • AT&T Telepathy
    • Telepathic Perception by Phone
    • Telephone Telepathy
    • Other Stunts
    • In Closing
    • About the Authors
    • BONUS: Camera-Ready ESP Cards

    Are you a Nelson collector? This manuscript was listed as No. 663 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

    "Your ESP Brain Busters [book] is a terrific value. Superb routines, that are truly Brain Busters."

    --David Dowd

    PDF format. 48 pages + supplement. Magic World revised and expanded reprint of the 1958 first edition. Now includes additional chapters, new illustrations and printable ESP cards that are secretly marked on the back! All text has been set in crystal-clear digital type for ease of reading. ($10 US)

    ESP Brain Busters is now available for purchase at


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