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The Dirty Dealer by B. W. McCarron The Dirty Dealer
By B. W. McCarron

An entertaining close-up effect where you attempt to teach the spectator how to "dirty deal", but always goes wrong when the spectator tries. It gets funnier and funnier, ending with a surprise climax.

Audiences enjoy tricks with a gambling theme. If the effect also combines comedy and mystery, then you have a triple threat combination that's sure to be remembered.

The performer explains how he sent away for a mail order course in dealing cards. He offers to teach a spectator how to do it, offering a money-back guarantee. The spectator can't seem to follow directions, even though the performer encourages him. At the end, the spectator gets his money back. After the surprise finale with a double your money back offer, everyone is amused and amazed, giving both spectator and performer a nice round of applause.

Uses regular cards, plus one prepared card, which is fully explained and illustrated. In case you're wondering, the performer is left clean at the end, with cards that may be examined.

You get the complete routine, setup instructions, camera-ready art for the climax card and patter script. Also included are several variations, allowing you to get even more mileage from the basic effect.

"This routine combines gambling-themed close-up magic, a bit of hokum as you'd see in a sideshow medicine pitch, and lots of audience participation. The result is an effect that's fun, not only for the participating spectator, but for the entire audience. Don't be surprised if this becomes one of your favorite effects." (From the Introduction)

PDF. 23 pages plus supplement. First published 2019. ($6 US)

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