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Danger in the Cards by Michael MacDougall Danger in the Cards
by Michael MacDougall

A fascinating casebook of true stories from the self-styled "Card Detective" that reveals the inner workings of backroom poker cheats, dice scams, bunco artists, horse race swindles, rigged games of the carnival and midway and much, much more.

Written in a breezy style, "Mickey" MacDougall takes the reader along for an entertaining and informative ride as he consults with casino bosses and card room owners to stamp out cheaters and grifters.

Swindlers take many forms and purvey their trade anywhere people gather: aboard trains and cruise ships, at the racetrack, in back alleys, military barracks, hotels, night clubs and even in private homes.

Learn the various swindles and cheats and how to protect yourself. Don't get taken, unlike the victims in the book.


  • Introduction (B. W. McCarron)
  • One of a Kind
  • Cheater's Cruise
  • Just Above the Belt
  • Mr. MacCradle's Last Victim
  • Twilight Cheating
  • Toss of a Die
  • Hustlers Have to Eat
  • Gambling-House Blues
  • Spider and the Fly
  • Crooks and Carnivals
  • Bingo!
  • Female of the Species
  • They're in the Army Now
  • Pony Paradise
  • Weeping Willie
  • Epilogue
  • About the Author
  • Thank You
  • Short-Form Catalog

"Danger in the Cards is an interesting and informative exposé of crooked gambling and the crooked gamblers' nefarious wiles and intrigues. Fascinating, revealing and authentic."

(--Richard E. Gorman, Chicago Police Department)

The purchaser agrees not to use these methods for illegal purposes. Sold for information and entertainment only.

PDF format. 263 page revised and expanded version of the 1943 Ziff-Davis first edition. Numerous corrections and edits, plus two new chapters. Edited by B.W. McCarron (author of "The Gambling Magician"). Every word has been reset in crystal clear type for easy reading. $10 US.

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