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The Art of Cold Reading by Robert A. Nelson

The Art of Cold Reading
by Robert A. Nelson

The secret book of the mental profession that teaches the mentalist or psychic to "read" a person "cold" with no gimmicks, no advance knowledge, and no preparation!

"Cold reading" is the learned ability to cleverly read a person "from the cradle to the grave" — and without important error. This is the authentic method as used by psychics, mediums, and the well-versed mentalist. More...

Super-Mentality by Robert A. Nelson

by Robert A. Nelson

Never again be caught without something to perform! Present an impromptu demonstration of Super Power Memory. Do it any time, any place! A terrific publicity stunt!

This is the "real deal," allowing you to memorize cards in a borrowed shuffled deck, remember a list of 100 random items, serial numbers on several bills offered by spectators, recall names of strangers you meet at parties and other functions. More...

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