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Comedy Magic by George McAthyComedy Magic
by George McAthy

Make your existing act even better by adding comedy magic and top-flight laughs that'll score big with any audience.

The book is packed with smart writing, containing plenty of gags and patter which you will want to use; all of it clever and laugh producing. Several complete routines are also included, on various subjects; cards, mental work, cigarettes, etc. Recommended reading for magicians, mentalists, comedians, emcees, ventriloquists, and anyone else who needs to break the ice or liven up a presentation.

Long out of print, we've updated this excellent book by removing the few tired, dated bits and replacing them, on a one-for-one basis, with new, fresh gags and bits of business to breathe new life into your club, close-up or stage act.

"Those who are looking for new tricks, for which they do not have to buy apparatus, will find the book 'Comedy Magic' well worth purchasing."

--"The Sphinx"

Originally published as Gags, Tricks & Patter. Includes important edits, updates and new material. Completely reset in crystal clear type. 52 pages + supplement.

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