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Collected Mental Mysteries by Lester Watts & B. W. McCarronCollected Mental Mysteries
by Lester Watts & B. W. McCarron

Here's a rare book of 16 mental effects, brought back to life for a new generation of performers and audiences.

The tests in this unusual book run from mediumistic effects where the spirits do the work, to design duplication tests to billet reading to two-person mental mysteries.

Experienced psychic entertainers will find novelty in the methods used to perform the various effects. They will definitely capture your attention and get you thinking.

Each of the effects is examined in detail with an "afterthoughts" section that provides alternate performance ideas, substitute methods and new material suggestions.


  • Introduction
  • The Color of Numbers
  • Design Duplication Mystery
  • Living or Dead
  • The Spirits Tell
  • A Mediumistic Book Test
  • Sealed Message Reading
  • Platform Message Reading
  • Mediumistic Book Test Redux
  • Double Darkness
  • The Accomplice
  • Your Change, Sir!
  • Nine Card Mystery
  • Nothing to Sniff At
  • The Visiting Spirit
  • Tobacco Road
  • Ghost Office

"Some artful stuff here."   --Oscar Oswald

"A number of new and startling mental effects never before published."
--Floyd Thayer

"This book will prove of interest to many."   --Sid Lorraine

"A good variety."   --Lloyd E. Jones

PDF format. 46 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1937 original edition. Includes two new chapters and 15 pages of new content. All text has been reset in crystal-clear type. ($8 US)

Collected Mental Mysteries is available for purchase at


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