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Hellstromism by Robert A. Nelson

by Robert A. Nelson

The first and only true explanation of the miraculous feats of the late Axel Hellstrom . . the man who baffled many of the world's most scientific and magical minds. No gimmics. No stooges. No electronics. No mirrors. Nothing prearranged.

Can be performed under true test conditions any time, any place. Fantastic possibilities for press coverage. Nothing better for impromptu performances! More...

Here's Magic by Nelson Hahne and Joe Berg

Here's Magic
by Nelson Hahne and Joe Berg

When one of magic's most clever minds teams up with an award-winning magician and illustrator, you know the result is going to be great magic that plays strong and is so clever that even magicians are fooled.

There is literally something for every performer within these 96 pages. Effects with cards, coins, silks, a gambler's monte effect using a single matchbook, club magic, a stage illusion that predates Copperfield's Statue of Liberty vanish ...More...

Highlight Magic by Ben Berger

Highlight Magic
by Ben Berger

Highlight Magic contains nine top flight effects for close-up, parlor, and stage from a world class magician.

You'll learn The Spirit of the Cobra, The Atomic Penny, Think Stop, Reversed Misdirection, Centerise, and others More...

Hindu Magic by Hereward Carrington

Hindu Magic
by Hereward Carrington

The magic of India comes to life in Dr. Carrington's colorful look at the fables, feats, and magic of the mystical fakirs of India.

You'll learn the inner workings of the Basket of Death, Mango Seed to Tree, Buried Alive illusion, Flying Rabbit, the Dry Sands Trick, the Beans and Scorpion Trick, Snake Charming, and more.

How It's Done (Revised Edition) by Edward A. Litzau
How It's Done
by Edward A. Litzau

This privately printed gem contains some of the best card marking inks, daubs, shading and blockout inks ever. The luminous reader formula is explained, too, as is a method to produce short or narrow cards that doesn't require a card trimmer! Also includes modern alternatives to some chemical and dye-based compounds, making it easier than ever to obtain professional results in the privacy of your home workshop. More...

How to Answer Questions Through Crystal Gazing by Geo. DeLawrence

How to Answer Questions Through Crystal Gazing
by George DeLawrence

In this book, DeLawrence reveals the real secret of answering questions from audience members. No matter if you use a crystal ball or work a straight mentalism act, this work is regarded by many experienced professionals as the best of its kind ever written... More...

How to Make a Ghost Walk by Joseph Dunninger

How to Make a Ghost Walk
by Joseph Dunninger

Conduct your very own full-light, semi-dark or full darkness spirit séance!

Dunninger, the world-famous mentalist and psychic debunker, presents this revealing book on how to present séance experiments including rope ties, spirit manifestations, revealing questions from departed loved ones, spirit cabinet effects, automatic writing, spirit voices, the fingertip aura, a billet switch, table raps, the bottled spirit test and much more ... More...

How to Read People's Minds by H. J. Burlingame

How to Read People's Minds
by H. J. Burlingame

Learn how to develop feats of apparent mindreading and give psychic demonstrations that border on the miraculous. Just like another famous mentalist, who finds his paycheck after each performance, perhaps you, too, will amaze audiences with your own amazing stunts of thought stealing. Also includes secret of the Mindreading Dog and More...

How to Read Sealed Messages by Robert A. Nelson

How to Read Sealed Messages
by Robert A. Nelson

The most comprehensive and authoritative book on sealed billet reading, as employed by mentalists, magicians, and office mediums!

Contains THIRTY-FIVE complete methods for secretly reading messages, billet switches, prompter methods, and private office work secrets. These are practical, tested secrets as used by the most successful mentalists, mindreaders, mediums and magicians. Any one routine is worth the price of the book. More...

Impromptu Mentalism by Robert A. Nelson

Impromptu Mentalism
by Robert A. Nelson

Here's a stunning ten-minute routine for the magician to use as an encore at the end of his or her regular act. The performer demonstrates with devastating correctness that he can read the collective minds of several spectators!

Has baffled thousands of people. Will stagger your imagination when you discover there are no plants or confederates; the magician works alone on the stage, and without any assistance ... More...

Inside the Medium's Cabinet by DUNNINGER
Inside the Medium's Cabinet
by Joseph Dunninger

Kidnapping. Murder. Intrigue. Joseph Dunninger, world-renowned magician and mentalist, reveals the dark underbelly of Spiritism in this 244-page eBook...More...

1960 K. C. Card Co. Catalog Reprint
K. C. Card Co. "Blue Book" 1960 Catalog
by K.C. Card Co.

The infamous 1960 K.C. Card Company "Blue Book" of gaffed cards, crooked dice, and gambling hall equipment is once again available for magicians and gaming collectors alike. In 1960, the KCCC was at the top of its game. No one could have guessed that one year later, the company would be out of business, due to FBI raids. More...

Kara's Crystal Visions: Projected Answers from the Q&A Master by B.W. McCarron

Kara's Crystal Visions
by B.W. McCarron

Paul Kara made a career with one of the best Q&A acts in the business. This book follows his money-making plan from start to finish, including the newspaper co-op deal, answering questions through the newspaper, ensuring free articles during each theater run, book sales, private readings, and more. Includes over 300 of Kara's answers to questions! More...

KING KOKO by Prof. Hoffmann
King Koko
by Professor Hoffmann

Your audiences will love this amusing farce about a colorful King, his beautiful daughter, her fairy godmother, and the two suitors that are trying to win her hand in marriage. Along the way, 20 magical illusions are performed that add to the enchanting tale.

The effects are taught in Hoffmann's clear, concise style with 27 illustrations. More...

The Krahma System by B.W. McCarron
The Krahma System
by B.W. McCarron

Unlike most other fortune telling systems with playing cards, readings using this system are quick and snappy. The card layout is streamlined, yet the subject will be satisfied she received her money's worth since the outcome of the reading is dependent on her feelings and conscience. The reader will like it, too, since ... More...

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