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Beer Bottle Bafflers by Carl Haist and T. A. Whitney
Beer Bottle Bafflers
by Carl Haist and T. A. Whitney

25 tricks, tips and routines designed for the Nielsen, Weller, or other rubber vanishing/appearing bottle.

If you own a rubber beer, cola or ketchup bottle, this is the book for you!

From the 1940s to now, there have been thousands upon thousands of rubber beer, soda and ketchup bottles sold. While it is effective just to wad up the (supposedly) glass bottle in a paper bag and toss it offstage, you can do so much more with it.

And that's the purpose of this informative book.

You would indeed be fortunate to somehow locate and afford a copy of the hard to find, out of print first edition of this collection, which claimed 15 tips and routines for the Weller bottle. But now, in addition to the previous material, we've also increased the size of the book to 25 tips, tricks and routines, making this an outstanding value for the modern performer.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Care and Use of the Bottle Proper:
  • 1. Care
  • 2. Folding
  • 3. Holder
  • Trix and Routines:
  • 4. Highball to Beer
  • 5. Hanky to Beer
  • 6. Suspension or Levitation (3 methods)
  • 7. Lota Bottle
  • 8. Endless Cap Removal
  • 9. Production or Vanish from Paper Bag
  • 10. The Empty Glass
  • 11. Newspaper Ad to Bottle
  • 12. Repeat Production
  • 13. With Chinese Rings
  • 14. Red Devil Paper Idea
  • 15. Roll of Paper Production
  • 16. Television Screen Production
  • 17. Pouring Liquid from Bottle
  • 18. Diminishing Beer Bottle
  • Additional Bottle Types and Tips:
  • 19. Wine Bottle
  • 20. Ketchup Bottle
  • 21. Coca-Cola® Bottle
  • 22. Replacement Labels
  • 23. Old-Timer's Tip
  • 24. Cleaning Your Bottle
  • 25. By the Drink or Buy the Bottle
  • A Word from the Authors

Order this book and get the most out of this versatile magical prop. Or, if you've been holding out on buying the bottle for some reason, now you can learn just how much you can do with it.

PDF format. 20 pages + supplement. Revised and expanded reprint of the 1948 Ernie Simon first edition. Includes three new chapters, seven new ideas, plus important edits, clarifications and updates. ($5 US)

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