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JTM Combo Series

Marshall VTM Logo The JTM range not only produces an array of quality clean and vintage tones, but also fully meets the higher gain needs of the modern guitarist.

All the JTM combos contain Marshall Heritage speakers, specially designed to accentuate the their glorious vintage and modern tones. An extension cabinet, featuring a 70 watt 12" Heritage speaker, is the perfect sonic and visual match for extending the JTM Combo range.

Both the JTM 30 and JTM 60 feature two speaker outputs, one at 16 ohms for the internal speaker, and another at 8 ohms for an extension cabinet. This gives you the option of running both the internal speaker and an extension cabinet together, or your choice of either the internal speaker or an extension cabinet individually.

Another great rear panel feature is the Speaker Emulated output. The XLR socket can be used for direct recording or for direct connection to a PA system for true Marshall tone.

For a summary of the features of the JTM 30 and 60 Combo Amps, as well as a color photo of a JTM 312 combo with matching JTM C12 extension cabinet, click here.

A Satisfied JTM Owner Writes

"Dear Guys,

"I own a JTM 60 and I can tell you, it is a sweet amp. The EL-34's are what make this amp. They sound better as they have broken in. I have owned mine since January '96, and my amp sounded better after about 3 months. The tubes took on a more velvety characteristic and distorted sooner with less gain needed. I love this amp. I can't imagine any of the other models sounding better. As good, maybe, but not better. "

-- Joel Smith

(Webmaster's note: In 1996, we started receiving reports that JTM owners are finding 5881 tubes in their amps, instead of the EL34's that were supplied earlier. If you're after a sound that distorts sooner, you may want to have your amp re-tubed with EL34's and the bias adjusted. Any competent music store or repair shop can do this for you. -BWM)

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