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Why did you guys make BANG (the Band Automatic Name Generator)?

BANG was developed out of a need to produce real-sounding band names. As anyone who has been in a group knows, when members or musical styles change, a discussion invariably takes place about changing the band's name.

The usual procedure is that each band member proposes a few band names. These are discussed and the top five or ten names are voted on. during this process, one of three scenarios often plays out:

  1. You propose a few good names, and a few get tossed out early in the discussions;

  2. You propose one or two really excellent names, and they all get tossed out;

  3. Now you can't come up with any more names to propose, and your band members think you're a dork.
This is where BANG comes in. You run through a few dozen names and write down the really great-sounding names. Make sure that a few of them are humorous. Laughter is infectious, and you'll be the life of the party when you announce your proposals.

Try revealing the BANG-produced band names first. Then, after the discussion dies down, you can toss in your real (i.e., hand-crafted) names right before the final vote. Your proposed monicker may not be the final choice, but at least it'll make the finals!

Version History

BANG Online version 3. In August 2009 we updated BANG again, with a total code rewrite, and a faster engine. We also updated the dictionaries, so it's more fun than ever. Try it!

BANG Online version 2.5 was introduced in April 2002. More multiple word names are now produced, plus we removed the banner ad sponsor that insisted on spawning multiple popup windows. Now BANG is faster, more fun, and easier to use than ever.

BANG Online version 2. In January 2002, BANG became a web app! No longer a downloadable program, this was a rewrite for a browser client such as IE or Netscape. Same wacky names, only now it's as close as your web browser.

BANG (Band Automatic Name Generator) version 1 was produced as a downloadable DOS/Windows app in 1995. Its innovative "name engine" could theoretically produce over two billion unique names!

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