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Band Merchandising
On The Cheap

By Brett McCarron

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Merchandise sales at the gig

Aside from your band's online logo shop, you may also want to sell your items where you perform. If you do this, remember that there's no minimum order at CafePress . They offer quantity discounts of up to 35% if you have 15 or more items printed at the same time. T-shirts, calendars, buttons, holiday cards, postcards, and event invitations are just a few examples of items can be printed in bulk to lower the individual cost. .

With a merchandising table and sufficient stock to sell, your act is well-equipped to get out and aggressively solicit free and low-cost gigs, without feeling like you're getting used. Just be sure that the venue where you perform isn't taking a percentage of your T-shirt sales. Or doesn't allow a merchandising table.

Of course, if you only have an online store, instead of selling merchandise at live gigs, you can include the URL on your band's printed fliers and quarter-page tear sheets.

Perhaps the best thing about online merchandising is that if you change the band name, logo, or want a new shirt for an upcoming tour, you just upload the new image and your store is all set! No more cartons of leftover merchandise to tae up space in your garage. Using the print-on-demand method stops wasting resources. Your planet will thank you for it.

And of course, you, your band mates, significant others, and friends all need to order some logo wear to help promote the band, too. You may even want to give away a logo T-shirt to that good-looking blonde in the front row. Remember, it's all about building and sustaining the buzz. Keep 'em talking!

The rest is up to you. Print-on-demand (web store) or order in advance. It's your choice.

Good luck!


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