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Brett McCarronFinding A Booking Agent
Or how to make your musical act more marketable

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Now for the all-important live audition. How to arrange that, especially if you have no paid gigs lined up?

Consider hosting an open mic at a local club that one or more of your band members visit regularly. If you host the event, it'll be your backline (drums, PA, amps) that the other musicians use. That way there'll be no excuse for your bandmates to be unfamiliar with the amps or drums. Let the agent know that it's an open mic, and that your band is hosting it. If there's an expected time slot for your band's performances, let the agent know that, too. Don't expect the agent to attend the entire night. Their time is valuable.

Another method of ensuring a stage environment is to perform one night for free at a local club. This will likely be on an off night, when the club has no regular band. Sure you're not making money on the gig, but if you ask nicely, the club owner may allow you to ask (and keep) a small cover charge to help offset band expenses.

Be sure to flood the local area with posters about your engagement. Send out a press release to the local newspapers. Mention the gig on craigslist. If there's a cover charge, design a free pass to let the local music critic and friends of the band get into the gig for free. The idea here is to build a large audience of enthusiastic friends, family, and coworkers so that the agency and club owner are pleased with the reaction to the band and the number of customers that show up.

The day before the show, send out a courtesy reminder email to the agent, letting him/her know that your band is looking forward to being considered as a client.

On the day of the show, arrive early for set up. Allow a little extra time for a sound check. Ensure everything is ready before curtain time.

It's show time! Time to put on the performance of your life. Hopefully you'll impress the agent and end up with a steady series of bookings that'll make your music career not only fun, but profitable as well.

Break a leg!

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